21, Nov, 2019
How To Choose The Best Shorts For Your Body

How To Choose The Best Shorts For Your Body

When your jeans sound too boring, it’s time to pull up your sexy shorts. Shorts for women come in various designs, patterns, fabrics and colors. A pair of stylish shorts will definitely get you those second glances by people around you. So, why not buy yourself some nice pair of shorts for this summer, and save yourself from the scorching heat. Let us now discuss how you could pick the best shorts depending on your body type. Simply scroll down and find out the same.

  1. Mid length

If you are a first timer, and are confused as to which style you should go for, simply go for mid length shorts which are neither too short nor too long. You could always roll them a bit for a casual and chic look.

  1. Shorter shorts

If you wish to give yourself a bit of extra height, then opt for shorter shorts and not those long ones as they could make your legs look even shorter. But, make sure you don’t pick up extra short ones as they could look real shabby. Also do not opt for frayed shorts while picking shorter ones and choose clean hems.

  1. Short and tight

Always avoid shorts that are way too tight, as they could make you look clumsy. If you’ve got larger thighs, choose shorts which are body skimming and not real tight. Choose darker shades than lighter ones for a clean and subtle appeal.

  1. Low waist shorts

If you are a girl whose torso is on shorter side, the you must try and opt for low waist shorts, as high waisted shorts could make your torso look all the more shorter. You could wear such kind of shorts with your shirt tucked in for adding more length to your legs.

  1. Side zips

If you’ve got a curvy figure, but prefer a style which gives a slimming effect, then try on shorts which have got side zips in order to avoid and extra volume of bulge.

  1. High waist shorts

If you have got short legs and a high waist, then these high waist shorts are the perfect pick for your body type. If worn properly, they could elongate your legs in the best possible ways.

  1. Keep your top in balance with your bottom

Avoid wearing long tops with shorter shorts, also pair up your tank tops with your Bermuda for a chic-style look. But, make sure whatever you wear gives you a comfy feel, because that is the most important thing above all.

So, now that you are aware about the do’s and don’ts of wearing shirts, it is time to invest in some nice and stylish pair of shorts. These days, you could do you fashion apparel and accessories shopping online through several online shopping stores, right from tops and sneakers for men to watches and sunglasses. These online stores stock stunning range of men and women apparels and accessories. Some of the famous ones are Myntra, Amazon, Snapdeal, Abof, Jabong, Ajio, Flipkart etc to name a few.

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